About us

Wanting to share our knowledge and love of Africa with the rest of the world, we opened Southern Africa Roadtrippers in 2016. We developed our trade-building customers 4×4 Motorhomes and 4×4 Trucks.

With hundreds of trips under our belt for both ourselves and our customers, we learned valuable lessons in building durable Motorhomes and 4×4 trucks that last in a demanding vehicle rental fleet traveling in all road conditions in Southern Africa. This also includes; Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, and Swaziland. After closing down our rental fleet in 2020, we focus on building the perfect motorhome that is your home away from home.

Our client’s needs are always met, this is due to our detail-orientated mindset, to the point of obsession. We believe that seemingly small inconsequential things, when added together, can make or break your trip. This is especially valid when a vehicle is not built with thought and durability in mind.

We hope that everyone who gets behind the wheel of their custom vehicle built by Southern Africa Roadtrippers has peace of mind that their vehicle is equipped with everything they need to seek adventure and create memories for many years to come.