12v /24v Air Conditioners

Go Further in Comfort

With battery Powered Air Conditioners

Take control of your environment , truly off grid solution.

Southern Africa has some really hot camping days, often power connection points are not available in the bush or when camping in established Campsites they do not have sufficient power to run Air Conditioners or some campsites do not permit Air Conditioners to be run off their power system.

From experience running 220v Air Conditioners from your Inverter systems off your batteries gives very limited run time and is problematic, for this reason we recommend our 12v or 24v Air conditioners connected “directly” to the Lithium Iron battery bank .

Depending on the climate , air conditioner running mode , size of the battery bank , a run time from 6-8 hours can be achieved with a 12v or 24v Air Conditioner .

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Models Available:

12v 3000 Nomadic

24v 3000 Nomadic

12v 2000 Dometic