Arctic Tern Roof Skylight

The Roof Skylight is available in electric drive only and features a German made Bosch drive motor, and a removable emergency hand crank.  These Skylights hatches have been tested to 5000 cycles with no failure.

It features a breathable seal that prevents the entry of dust, but allows for some breath-ability in the cabin.  The dome is smoked double pane acrylic.  Like all Arctic Tern window panels, these are European made and meet strict ECE/DOT standards for UV resistance and impact.  It features a pleated retractable screen and blind.  The body of this hatch is high strength ABS.  The roof hatch comes with bright white LEDs can serve as primary light in most cabins.



  • Electric Roof Window Skylight
  • Standard roof thicknesses from 30mm – 70mm /1.18″ – 2.75″. 
  • Expansion Ring available for roof thicknesses from 70-84mm/ 2.75″ – 3.30″.
  • Sits above the roof about 5″
  • Sits below ceiling a little over 1″
  • Does not have a fan
  • Remote control

Prices are Excl. VAT

Price Excl Vat
Arctic Tern Acrylic RV Window 300×70024-34N/AR6,495.35
Arctic Tern Acrylic RV Window 450×50024-3434-44R6,940.18
Arctic Tern Acrylic RV Window 450×61024-3434-44R6,724.12
Arctic Tern Acrylic RV Window 450×90024-3434-44R7,893.37
Arctic Tern Acrylic RV Window 450×110024-3434-44R9,189.72
Arctic Tern Acrylic RV Window 500×30024-3434-44R5,656.54
Arctic Tern Acrylic RV Window 550×70024-3434-44R7.639.19
Arctic Tern Acrylic RV Window 550×90024-3434-44R8,427.16
Arctic Tern Acrylic RV Window 550×110024-3434-44R9,799.77
Arctic Tern Acrylic RV Window 550×700 Electric opening Roof Hatch24-3434-44R15,458.82
Wildlands Door Left Hinge 1822×622R19,509.66
Wildlands Door Left Hinge 1370×660R18,620.01
Wildlands Door Left Hinge 1070×660R17,730.36
Top Hinge Cargo Door 300×600R4,055.17
Top Hinge Cargo Door 500×400R4,563.54
Top Hinge Cargo Door 400×700R5,275.26
Top Hinge Cargo Door 500×900R6,597.03
Top Hinge Cargo Door 600×900R6,800.38


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