Froli® Bed Spring Mat

Are you one of those people who always face life’s challenges full of energy and vitality? That’s why good sleep is important to you!
With ingenuity, passion, and a great deal of knowledge about ergonomics and health, Froli has developed innovative bed systems which offer you superior sleeping comfort.

Froli® spring mats ensure comfort and ventilation. A sleeping surface can be equipped with spring mats quickly, easily, and affordably, simply by screwing or stapling them to bases, for example.

Weight per mat: just around 208 g, around 30 mm tall – and thus ideal for lightweight constructions and low beds. Developed and made by Froli® Germany.

  • Optimal Comfort and Ventilation under your mattress
  • Froli® Spring mats, a comfortable bed foundation featuring point-by-point suspension. The body is pleasantly supported and balanced in a healthy way.
  • The open and breathable construction ensures perfect air circulation and a pleasant sleeping climate.
  • Suitable for bunks, Beds in motorhomes, lifting and foldaway beds.
  • Improved comfort even with flat mattresses and cushions.


Spring mat 9-in-1

  • 9 spring elements per mat
  • Size approx. 330 x 330 x 30 mm
  • Weight per mat 208g
  • Single Bed 70 x 200 (12 mats)
  • Queen Bed 1520 x 1880 (30 mats)

We supply your Froli® order split equally between the  Slate Grey -Firm and Signal Grey – Soft tiles. Position Froli® tiles according to your weight on the mattress,  Froli® Tile positioning can be easily interchanged in order to get the optimum firmness and sleeping comfort.

Two Degrees of Firmness

Slate grey Spring Mats have an optimal degree of firmness to provide a correct orthopedic positioning.

Signal grey Spring Mats are slightly softer to enable a sinking of the sensitive shoulder region into the mattress

  • Spring mats can be easily clipped together
  • Fast and economical mounting directly onto a board. Assembly e.g trackers or screws.